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TDLR AB Forms (Aug 2023):

Project Registration Form
This form is used to provide full project related information for registration online for a TDLR EABPRJ number.
Owner Agent Designation Form
A facility owner may use this elective form to designate an agent.  In accordance with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation’s (TDLR) Administrative Rule 68.10(11) and (18), individuals designated to act on the owner’s behalf must be designated in writing.
Proof of Submission Form
This form documents the construction document package issue & submittal dates registration for record purposes.  Per the Texas Architectural Barriers Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 469, Section 469.101 - “All plans and specifications for the construction of or for the substantial renovation or modification of a building or facility must be submitted to the department for review and approval if: (1) the building or facility is subject to this chapter; and (2) the estimated construction cost is at least $50,000.” In accordance with 16 Texas Administrative Code Texas Administrative Rules Chapter 68.50(a), “an architect, interior designer, landscape architect, or engineer with overall responsibility for the design of a building or facility subject to §469.101 of the Act, shall mail, ship, or hand-deliver the construction documents along with a Proof of Submission form to the department, a registered accessibility specialist, or a contract provider not later than the twentieth day after the plans and specifications are issued.”
Request for Inspection Form
Use this form to request a TAS inspection. After entering the project specific information, enter the name of the RAS and their respective license number from ADA Consulting Group, Inc. that you have coordianted with to perform the inspection.
Proof of Inspection Form
This form is issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) for the purpose of providing proof of inspection to the building owner.  During an inspection, the RAS will need this form signed as verification that the inspection occured.  If the RAS did not obtain a signature of the owner designee during the inspection, this form may be downloaded, executed by the approprate person, and forwarded to the RAS for the project file record.
Inspection Response Form
When all items cited on an inspection report have been addressed, the owner (or their designated agent) can use this form to provide written verification of corrections to the RAS inspector.
Variance Application Form
Texas Government Code, Chapter 469, Section 469.151(a) - The commission may waive or modify accessibility standards adopted under this chapter if: (1) the commission considers the application of the standards to be irrelevant to the nature, use, or function of a building or facility subject to this chapter; or (2) the owner of the building or facility for which a request for a waiver or modification is made, or the owner's designated agent, presents proof to the commission that compliance with a specific standard is impractical.
Special Project Registration Form
This form is used to register a project not required to be submitted such as projects with estimated construction costs < $50,000 or for projects located within exempt facilities such as those owned, operated or leased by the federal government.
Notice of Substantial Compliance Request Form
This form is used by the owner to request a Notice of Substantial Compliance (Certificate and Decal) from TDLR.

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