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TAS Plan Review & Inspection Services
Compliance with the Texas Architectural Barriers Act as well as the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) is very important.  This state law prohibits municipalities (and other political subdivisions) from accepting a building permit application for a building or facility subject to the Act unless that building or facility has been registered with Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).  As a State building code, TAS plan reviews and inspections are a totally separate obligation from typical building permit reviews and inspections required by your local municipality building official.

Why choose ADA Consulting Group?
Not only has our firm been providing RAS services over 20 years, we employ mulitple experienced licensed RAS professionals so when you need to register a project, have a question about a report, or need something done in a timely manner we are more prepared to react and resolve your needs.

How do I hire ADA Consulting Group?
The process is simple.  For plan reviews or inspections just submit the required information (see below).  Rates for services and additional information is available on our Fee Schedule.  If you have any questions, just call our office and request to speak to a RAS and we will help.

TAS Plan Review Submittal Requirements:
  • One (1) Full Set of Construction Documents - hard copy & PDF
  • TDLR Project Registration Form or TDLR TABS#
  • TDLR Proof of Submission Form
  • Plan Review Fee + TDLR Registration Fee (if TABS# is not issued)

  • NOTE: On December 3, 2018, TDLR began using the Texas Architectural Barriers online System (TABS) for project registration and management. All projects registered on or after December 3, 2018 are processed through the TABS system which requires PDF upload of all forms, reports, and construction documents. This means that plans must be submitted in both hardcopy and PDF formats. We accept media (CD or jump drive), email, or use of file transfer services such as Dropbox. If we do not receive a PDF set, the plan review fee will require additional funds to have the plans scanned by a print shop. If we only receive plans via PDF, additional funds will be required for printing a full size hard copy set for review purposes ($2/sheet for 24x36, $3/sheet for 30x42).
    TAS Inspection Request Requirements:
  • TDLR Request for Inspection Form
  • Inspection Fee + travel expenses if outside Bexar County (call to verify)

  • Please make checks payable to: "ADA Consulting Group, Inc."  For credit card payments as a means of convenience, you may go to our Pay Online page.  Credit card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover) are processed through Paypal. All credit card payments are subject to a 3% convenience fee.

    Receipt of TAS plan review and/or inspection submittals with payment is an acknowledgement of and agreement to all services and procedures performed in accordance with our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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